The Rise of Personal Robots

What was the message you took from this Ted Talk? Share your thoughts. Be specific, and refer to what was said in the talk.


72 responses to “The Rise of Personal Robots

  1. I think in this TED talk the robot could be revolutionary but not neccassary. If we depend too much on machines for our life what happens if they break or malfunction. Robots are great for building and manufactoring products but when you mix them into our daily life. . . you only get trouble and danger.

  2. This TED talk is about how personal robots can be very useful in our own daily lives. I always thought the idea of personal interaction or advanced artificial intelligence in robots was interesting. I think they can be very useful for research, health, and just simple tasks that no one wants to do. It would definitely change our lives a lot. I think it would be great for helping or doing certain jobs but, there can be downsides. We do not want robots to take over all the jobs in our world. We already have enough unemployment problems. Robots can really be useful but, they just aren’t needed. People need to learn to work hard instead of expecting others to do work for them. Easier won’t always be the best choice but, robots being made for health and research is still a great idea in my opinion.

  3. I think that there are a lot of different ways that the personal robot ideas could go. It is definitely a interesting field to enter and I am thinking of entering it when I get older.

    • I also agree that it can be a very interesting job to program or design these robots. I have always been interested in technology and think it would be amazing to design something that so many people may want or even need.

  4. This article was mainly about the development of robots and how in the future be used to interact with. I think that we don’t need robots to be our friends. I think we would only need robots to do medical operations etc. For the last 100,000 years humans have lived happily with out the help of robots, so why should we change now. Although depending on the thing change is good but I think this is completely unnecessary. That is why I think that we don’t need robots to be our friends in the future.

  5. This is a TED talk about how robots could be utilized in social life. I don’t think many people have ever thought about robots in social fields like Cynthia Breazeal has. I think robots would change social life a lot. Communication has come a long way over the past 20 years. What started out as a phone has evolved into what some people call mini computers, or the modern day smart phone. If robot could be brought into a social field, I think they would have a very big impact.

  6. This was very very cool to read. It was fascinating to see the robots have such human like emotions and phyical movements. I hope the this TED speaker continues to research this topic and makes more robots in the future.

    • I too think it is fascinating to see the emotions some robots can have and the physical movements they also posses. I think Cynthia definitely should keep researching the topic and to continue to make robots because it can lead to a serious medical breakthrough in the future.

  7. This TED talk is about robots and how they can be useful in people’s everyday lives. The part about how they are better than computers with the same technology and the standard paper and pencil while dieting I found especially interesting. Today many Americans are overweight and are dieting to try to fix it. The robot helped people diet the longest, even more so than a computer with the same soft wear. Even though robots are helpful, I don’t think that they are such a good idea because people today are so plugged in and adding robots would just add to that. People are so plugged in that they completely rely on technology to do their work and there will come a time that very few people will know how to do simple tasks because they always had something do it for them. Although I believe that robots are sometimes necessary, I think that people should do the work.

  8. I think that this is a good idea except that it is another way for people to have more technology in their lives. I cannot stand people who just sit in front of a computer screen all day or they just play xbox, the last thing I need is for someone’s only friend to be a robot at home. I like to be outside and running around, I can’t imagine how long it would take for a robot to be able to run at a human speed. Some aspects of robots are cool but I think that overall, it is not a good idea.

    • I agree that robots are overall not a good idea. I do think that they are necessary for only a FEW things though.

  9. This TED talk is about robots and what they can do to interact with the real world. Cynthia Breazeal the speaker was trying to show how with todays technology you can have company like there is really another human right next to you. To me the whole point of a robot interacting with an adult means that they can’t find a friend to talk to. I think that is sad that society has come to that point. However, the part about having a robot for your kids to play with it is really cool. The kids in the video seemed to enjoy the robot a lot more. I also think that they will use the robot a lot more than an adult. On the other hand buying a robot just for your kid may be a little more expensive then the average toy. If you can afford to buy your kid their own robot then this is a great invention, but if your like the rest of the world trying to save money then you may think of a robot as a waste. To me I would love to have one, but i would imagine a robot is a little costly. I think that it is a waste to have a robot on the market.

  10. I think that this TED Talk (The Rise of Personal Robots) was saying that people can now use robots to communicate, and to play. I think that this is a very cool idea. But, I don’t think that this jump in technology is useful because people spend so much time on computers, their phones, and watching T.V. This idea that she came up with seems to be too futuristic for right now. I think that this idea will be what everybody is doing in like five to ten years, but not right now.

    • I agree with you completely that adults are to busy for a robot. However maybe a kid would like a robot a lot more. On the other hand I think that they would be very expensive, and people would not buy them.

  11. I think this TED talk was mainly about how robots can help people in their everyday lives. In the presentation she mentioned a few ways robots could help humans and it was with communication, health, and media. I think that robots could definitely help our society in positive ways. Although it seems as though they can help, I don’t think that people should become dependent on robots. For example, in the presentation she mentioned how they can help you make smart decisions about what to eat and to keep you eating healthy. Of course this is motivation to eat healthy but you need to learn how to make the decision on your own. When you are at a restaurant you won’t have that little robot telling you what to eat. But then again I still think it can be positive in the sense that it can help with communication and keeping in touch with long distance family or friends.

  12. This TED Talk told you about robots, and how they can improve the world. Before I had seen this TED Talk, I had not thought much about robots. Robots had been a sort of fantasy, but now I see that robots are real. Some of the robots that I saw in this article were really intriguing, and made me want to have one. This TED Talk also showed how robots can be used for kids to play with. They even did an experiment with kids, and it turns that they really liked playing with the robot. I thought that this was really interesting, and it definetly caught my attention.

    • I agree with you because I also used to think of robots as some sort of sci-fi thing that wouldn’t happen for decades, but now that sci-fi thing may be reality. I think that robots are a great idea but it is only another way for kids and some adults to rely more and more on technology. Even though everyone may like the idea of a robot that does things around the house, it makes me feel like they will rebel and attack people.

    • I agree with you completely. I didn’t think much about robots before I saw this video, but now since I know that robots are real I think that they will be a great toy for kids to play with in the future.

  13. This TED talk was about developing robots that are the new “social technology”. I think this could be very helpful, with weight loss because you feel like you have no connection with a pencil and paper, but with a robot you feel like they want it for the better of you. I also think that the robots could really be helpful with far away relatives, also with robot soldiers. This also could lead to more people having robots are friends and only robots, that would be bad for people trying to make friends.

  14. This TED Talk was about how we can use robots to change our lives and make better choices. This video makes me think that this world is relying on technology more and more each generation. We used to go to our friends house down the street today but now we just talk to them with a microphone and play against them. The reason kids are getting obese is because we sit around all day and play video games and watch TV. How about making them go outside at least a little bit? If you are giving them new games to play you are giving more kids the chance to become obese. Why don’t we change the way we think?

  15. This TED Talk was about how the usage of personal robots is becoming more popular. The robot is supposed to help people in their lives and be interactive for both kids and adults, but in reality I think having something that could one day do everything for us would make us lazy and not work hard. According to the TED Talk, robots are supposed to help kids get up and play and decrease obesity but if they have robot, they rely on it and could make it do all their work. I think having robots is the last hing society needs become with them we’ll become attached to them and not self motivated.

    • I partly agree with you. I do think that it will make people lazy and dependent on their robot. But having the robot can also be positive in the sense that you can use it to communicate with family or friends that are far away.

  16. Personally I think robots are pretty cool, but society should not depend on them for everything. Right now our country is in a state of being unhealthy because of fast food and inactivity. Do you really want to drag robots into this equation to make people even more obese? I don’t think so. Robots can be used for great things for medicine, or advancing in technology, but I think it is unreasonable to have them do everything for you.

    • I agree, robots can be used for all the wrong reasons instead of beneficial ways like advancing in technology.

  17. This TED talk is about how robots could be something that people should really look at. I feel that with the way the economy is right now, if we developed these robots it could either hurt the economy or help it a lot. In other words, it is a do or die situation. The robots might do things that help the economy. However, if we establish these robots, we might just have wasted a couple million dollars on something that isn’t going to impact modern day society at all. In conclusion, the robots could go either way.

  18. This TED talk discussed robots and how they are used and can be used in daily life. They could be used in communications, health and media. I don’t think that people should depend on robots because I think that something could go wrong and we could loose all information on the robot and if we do not know how to function with out robots than people will have more problems than they did before they got the robot. Also in the TED talk they talk about how robots could be used for weight lose. All you have to do is insert how many calories you ate and how much excersize you got and it will train you to loose more weight. I think that this technology is cool but once again I don’t think that people should depend on them.

  19. In this TED Talk it showed how robots can have a big role in our society. I think that robots should not be depended on too much. Having robots to do medical research or other tests is beneficial, but using technology too much isn’t good for everyday. If we rely too much on technology we will won’t be able to be self-sufficent. There is not a need for robots when you can use other forms of technology to communicate, such as video chat, or instant messaging. It is important to not fully rely on technology, because if it fails so will we. It s very vital to our society to not overuse technology such as robots.

    • I think what you said about other forms of communication was ingenious! People should be able to talk to each other rather than a robot doing it for them!

  20. This TED talk is about why we need personal robots and the advantages of having them. I think that robots are very cool and could be very useful. Robots should do the jobs that are unsanitary and dangerous for humans. If robots do the jobs that humans can do and are able to do, people will lose their jobs and wont make money; our economy will fall apart. Robots are very interesting and helpful, Robots= social technology.

    • I agree with you! I also think that robots should be used for jobs that are unsuitable for humans. Also I think that robots should be used for working in dangerous places like battle fields.

  21. I think that robots as a social tool might be a bit odd at first. After all, it IS a robot, and unless there’s very convincing human-like bodies, people would find it odd. I think that this whole concept needs more time before it goes mainstream. Plus, it’s just a luxury.

  22. This TED talk is about how personnel robots are progressing in our world at a breakneck speed. I think it is cool that robots are progressing very fast in our world. I believe one day seeing a robot will not be a rare occurence on the streets.

  23. This TED talk is mostly about how having robots around could change our everyday lives. Personally I feel that having robots around in our everyday lives could have two effects. One is that they could be very helpful and do work that most humans don’t like having to do. But on the other hand, having robots could be bad as well, for example, if you had robots working for your company, who would you pay for doing the work? Would you pay anyone at all? I don’t think that we should have robots around in our society for they could be a large disadvantage.

  24. This TED talk talks about how the talker Cynthia Breazeal was amazed and loved robots as a kid. She said she wanted a robot that can help us and she said she wanted a robot to save galaxy’s. While i think robots are very interesting I think we don’t really need robots. robots can be helpful but I think we can get to lazy if we use robots to much to help us in our everyday lives. We should be able to do the simple things that robots do. We do not need robots to get us the remote while were on the couch because we can easily get up walk 5 feet and get the remote. While I think robots are cool, we do not need them.

    • I agree with john and he did a fabulous job explaining the downside of this, but what if we do a great job on these robots? They could be a great source of money, and help us a lot.

  25. This TED talk is about how robots can help our lives. I think robots should make our lives easier but we shouldn’t depend on them. I think if we depend on robots too much, if something happened to them, we wouldn’t know how to live without them.

  26. In this TED talk it talked about the uses of robots. For example they can be used for communications, health and media. Cynthia Breazeal said that robots will be helpful to peoples health. I disagree with this because more people will be become obese because they will have their robots do things for them. She also said that they can be used to interact with others, I don’t like this idea. I personally think that people shouldn’t start depending on robots.

    • I agree with what you said about people not being healthy because of robots doing everything for them. People should not depend on robots to do everything for them.

    • I agree with you completely! If humans start to depend on robots it could be bad, people would become lazier and lazier and not work. Robots can be helpful, but they are unneeded.

  27. This TED talk was mainly about how the idea of personal robots is rising. The message of this article is that everyone should have a personal robot. The way I see it is that they are both good and bad. A reason personal robots would be good for society would be to help out busy people with the struggles that come with life. They would help us out and make life easier just like all the other electronic devices out there. However personal robots have a bad side. Just like every other gadget we begin to rely on them for here job. Today we couldn’t imagine life without an oven to get cooking done, or a computer to make work easier. People without these gadgets actually get more out of their life because they work harder and deserve more because of the extra work they put in. With a personal robot people would be experiencing less and rely on technology for everything.

  28. This TED talk is about how robots can be very useful in our busy daily lives. I agree and disagree with this TED talk. I agree because robots will be very useful for doing jobs like; vacuuming the house, filing papers or even answering the phone. But I disagree because robots are programed to do certain things if someone asks them to do something they are not programmed to do the robot will not do anything. Robots know when to turn and to go straight but hat if something bad happens and they have to turn the other way will they be able to do it?

    • I agree with your point on how you disagree and with your point on how you agree. You made very good interesting points in your response. Nice job.

  29. I think that robots can help in the advancement of our society, however, I think that there are some dangers to relying on them. First of all, robots don’t have the same morals, common sense, or emotions that humans have. They also do not carry natural instinct, which can help in serious or potentially dangerous situations. Because of this, I think that certain tasks like surgeries, airplane flight, driving, and a lot of other things should only be carried out by human beings rather than artificial, somewhat unreliable robots.

  30. This TED talk was about how robots can play a big role in our society.For example we can use it for communication, health issues and media. I personally don’t think there is a point of bringing these robots into our society. It doesn’t make sense to spend lots of money on a robot when you can use other technology such as laptops for video chat and cell phones for talking. I also don’t think a robot like this can help our community out.

    • I agree with you, Lauren. Why do we need robots when we already have laptops and cell phones? We don’t. Quite honestly, it is a waste of money.

      • I also agree with you because most people have cell phones so they don’t need robots too. I also think that people shouldn’t be sending on money on them either.

  31. I think this TED talk was saying that people can now use robots to communicate, for health, and for media. Personally, I don’t think this advance in technology is necessary because people are spending more and more time on computers and cell phones, as if their lives revolve around them. Also, there’s no need for robots when you can video chat to communicate, play video games or play outside to get exercise. Why should we rely on technology for everything when we can do them ourselves? It’s just lazy.

    • I completely agree with how you said we shouldn’t rely on technology for everything when we can do them ourselves? It’s just lazy. I also agree with how we can just use video chat instead of this robot it expresses the same idea.

  32. I strongly believe that robots could be helpful at times, but aren’t really needed on everyday occasions. They could be used for jobs that we humans are either unable or physically incapable of doing. People need to start doing more work themselves rather than have robots spoil them. Finally, this TED talk showed me that robots can be wonderful helpers, but I don’t believe we should depend on them for everyday jobs.

  33. In this this TED talk the speaker, Cynthia Breazeal explained how personal robots will one become part of our society. Sometimes it is nice to fantasize how life would be easy and technology would fix and do everything for us, but the reality is robots and other technology cannot run our lives for us. If we rely too much on technology we will loose our ability to self-suffice. Eventually we will not understand or know what to do if something else is always doing it for us. We must always keep in touch with our survival instincts and not rely too much on technology to do it for us. We must not let technology live our lives for us.

    • I completely agree with you. We can not let technology live our lives because then there will be no point for humans if we aren’t even living our own lives. We can’t rely on technology because it’s our lives. Good thoughts.

  34. Mrs. White by accident my response to the video is a response to Jamie’s post. Sorry about that.

  35. I think that personal robots are a very interesting concept that should be persued. People have become more and more dependent on technology there is no denying that, but is that a bad thing or a good thing. I personally think personal robots (or technology of any type) is a good thing. It makes out lives easier we won’t have to do some of the hard work we do now and we will be able to function much more efficiently as a society. I could also see why people think we could become too dependent on technology and not being able to function on our own . I think that seems un realistic and personal robots should be celebrated.

    • You make many good points. I agree that humanity is becoming more and more dependent on technology and robots.

    • Your point is very good Alex, but what if we become to dependent? What happens to our natural survival instincts?

    • I agree with you, I think that personal robots are a good thing. I also think that with more people dependent on technology, robots would then be great thing for people.

    • Robots will do nothing to help, if anything, they will make matters worse. Unemployment in the U.S. is at an all-time high, many robots would made to do jobs. Robots would take jobs from people who have families to feed and bills to pay. They would only make unemployment worse.

  36. I think that it is sad that people are now depending on robots to help get some things done. I thought that although the TED talk was interesting, it just shows that the fact that our society will one day depend entirely on robots is embarrassing. We have been getting on just fine without robots so why do we need them? I think that although robots are very cool, they are pointless and will not help the progression of modern day society. They can’t be politicians or writers or have any importance, so why do we need them? Oh yeah, we don’t.

    • I disagree with you, robots seem like a great idea and would make the world more efficient.

    • I believe robots are very helpful, but they are not needed in everyday life. I believe robots are great for dirty jobs and such, but if we use robots in everyday life the human being will just be even more lazy and spoiled. Many kids in the world today are to pampered and spoiled adding robots to that will just be unbelievable. So the message I took from this was that robots are great, but they are just a luxury and unneeded. We should not depend on robots.

      • I agree with you 100% and think everything you have is totally true. You make some good points by saying that robots are just a luxury and are unneeded. Great Job!

    • James I totally agree with you, robots are unneeded.

    • james your right robota are really not essenwial in social life but in manufactoring they are a huge help

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