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No ‘Moby-Dick’: A Real Captain, Twice Doomed

February 11, 2011
HONOLULU — In the annals of the sea, there were few sailors whose luck was worse than George Pollard Jr.’s.

Pollard, you see, was the captain of the Essex, the doomed Nantucket whaler whose demise, in 1820, came in a most unbelievable fashion: it was attacked and sunk by an angry sperm whale, an event that inspired Herman Melville to write “Moby-Dick.” Continue reading


A Yearbook Dedicated to Inclusion


THE yearbook for Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School doubles as its unofficial social register: students closely study the index of names in the back and count how many times they appear.
“If you’re more popular, you’re featured more; if you’re not, you’re barely seen,” said Quentin Blackwell, 17, a co-captain of the football team who appeared five times last year. “It shows your status, where you are on the totem pole of high school.”
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