67 responses to “HARD TIMES!

  1. I think the econmy is not in it’s besst state but it’s not in it’s worst state. i know it’s not easy to stabilize on of the worlds most developed country’s gonvernment but we should learn from the mistakes of the past and try and not make the same ones that caused the great depression.

  2. Mr. Kurnow is a very inspiring man. Because he was alive during the Great Depression, he is able to compare how things are today, to how they were in the 1930’s. I think these rough economical times are different and similar in many ways. They are similar because many people are losing jobs, and jobs are getting tougher and tougher to find. The times though have also differed. Like Mr. Kurnow said, back then they were able to get many things, that we spend five to ten dollars on, they only spent a nickel on. I think this is amazing how much the cost of things have changed. Also, during the Great Depression many banks were closing, and many people were left jobless. The best jobs people could find weren’t even that great. Today there are few banks closing, people have lost jobs, just not a frequent as they did, and there are still somewhat decent job openings. This may be because we haven’t gotten to the worse part of the depression yet. Another difference is, during the 1930’s prices seemed to lower. However today they seem to be higher and are low mostly when there is a sale, not permanently low. I hope the depression we are having now because of lost jobs, slows down and only gets better.

  3. I think that this video was very interesting, in the sense that the proffesor shown in the video is probably one of the few surviving people who lived as a college graduate during the hard times of the great depression. I think that because he lived through this very difficult time in our nation’s history, he can give his students a lot of advice about how to persevere through the worst situations. I also think that it is amazing that he is 96 and still teaching collage courses.

  4. The great depression was worse than the problems America faces today, but it’s easy to relate. This is a great illustration of how we need to stay confident in troubling times. Even when all hope seems lost, there is a future to go to.

  5. I think it is great that he is still teaching after all these years. It must be really difficult considering his age. All the students love him. The love from the students is what I believe has kept him going all these years. This professor has a lot to teach his students about the Great Depression and the relationship with today’s economical crisis. I personally think of this “article” very inspiring and heartwarming. This man knows of a much harder time and can relate with the modern day hardships.

  6. It’s not that easy to work at the age of 96. I found it amazing that this man could teach about his life so simply. It is a good thing that he is teaching students about the great depression. Although the economy is getting better in certain ways, there are still many people without jobs. Better does not always mean good. In the environment we are used to, we would think everyone gets a job somehow but, it’s not that simple. We gotta be more understanding and patient. It is a good thing that this professor is teaching people to understand how jobs are obtained and how the economy has changed so much. If things cost as little as 5 cents today then, I would probably be rich but, things change over time.

    • I totally agree with you. These are hard times we are going through. They may be getting better, but a lot of people are stuck in the mud with this crisis occurring.

  7. I think it is amazing how he is still teaching at the age of 96. I also think that the economy was alot worse in the 1930’s then it is today. He is trying to get his students to start thinking about the future and how they are going to make it in this economy. It was harder to get a job back then, but it is still hard to get one today. And he just wants them to be prepared for that.

  8. I think that it is important to understand how serious a depression can get. This video was entertaining and easy to understand what life was like in the mid thirties; although, I don’t think this certain topic affects us too much. The economy is getting better! Slowly, but it is still getting better. Also we’re not going to be looking for a real job (not the cash register person, a doctor etc) for at least eight years. I found this video interesting in the respect that you could live for two weeks with fifty cents (probably an exaggeration), but I still think it is better for college students etc.

  9. I think that it is important to understand that how serious a depression can get, and that this video was entertaining and easy to understand what life was like in the mid thirties. Although I don’t think this certain topic affects us too much. The economy is getting better! Slowly, but it is still getting better. Also we’re not going to be looking for a real job (not the cash register person) for at least eight years. I found this video interesting in the respect that you could live for two weeks with fifty cents (probably an exaggeration), but I still think it is better for college students etc.

  10. I think that the economy in the 1930’s is way worse than our economy now. Its quite weird, yet amazing to see the changes from then and now. Back then it was so much harder to find a job and us as children don’t know what that was like, our parents don’t even know what it was like. Women and men struggle to find jobs, but in the ’30’s I was clearly harder. In the beginning of the video Ernest Kurnow said that a nickel was worth something! Now a days a nickel isn’t even worth a ponytail. Our economy’s have changed so much and really affect our lifes.

  11. The economy is worsening to a point where people are struggling for jobs and money. It is still no where close to how bad the economy was during the great depression. Proffesor Kurnow, in the short clip, explained his life in the ’30’s and how people were suffering to get a job, even a low class one. For example like when he was fresh out of college he could only get a poor paying job. This shows how our economy isn’t that bad, it still may be difficult to find jobs but we have to be patient.

    • I agree with you because our economy is worsening. I also agree that people need to be patient. However if their too patient they may never find a job and they might end up living on the strreets. They have to remember to be patient while still looking for a job.

  12. After watching this short clip with professor Kurnow I realize how fortunate our generation really is. Even though we are going through some hard times our economic crisis does not compare to the Great Depression. Having people from the depression speak to the modern student helps our generation prepare for hard times. This will protect our economy from ever plummeting again like it did. Also the bad economy to our generation is not getting another new pair of sneakers. To the people of the depression it was a matter of getting food on the table. They did not know where there next pay check was coming from. Thats why the older generations philosophy is save your money because you never know when you might need it. This is good to learn from the people from the depression, so we can prepare if another economic downfall happens again.

  13. I think that the economy right now is not nearly as bad as the great depression was in the 1930’s. I think that America as a whole has to make an effort to dig ourselves out of the hole that we are in, or we just might have another great depression. I also think that people can cut back on spendings, so that they can prepare for the possibly treacherous road ahead of us. I think that this video has given me a better understanding of how bad it was in the 1930’s, and I now feel that because we managed to get out of that great depression. Then we must be able to get out of this economic crisis, so that we don’t ever have to put our country at risk of falling down, and not being able to get back up.

    • I agree with you 100 %. It was alot worse during the 1930’s, and today we have to get out of this “hole”. Good job.

  14. I think that it was very interesting to see the difference and similarities of the economy in the 1930’s and today. For example in the video they said that in the ’30’s a dime or penny was worth something, but today its is worth practically nothing. I know that if I buy something that is 20.95 I will tell the cashier to keep the change. To me, spare change is more of a hassle than it is helpful. Even though change was worth more back than, the economy in general was worse, especially during the times of the great depression.

    • I like how you made connections to money, like how a nickle or a penny are practically worthless now but in the ’30’s they were worth something like a sandwich or gas from the gas station, as Proffesor Kurnow said in the clip.

    • I really like what you said about the change and how it isn’t worth anything to us. What you said is so true about most people, when you get change back, you don’t keep it. But very few people keep their change and believe me it’s worth it. Over many years of collecting change you could come out to 1,000 or 2,000 dollars of change or even more!

  15. This video really puts in perspective the differences between the economy in the 1930’s and the economy today. In the video it talked about all the items a nickel could buy. Now, most people I know will see a nickel on the ground, and to them it doesn’t mean anything therefore they let it chill. This video was very interesting because it informed me about times when he was a kid and how they were good and at times horrible. He had to go through the Great Depression which was one of the worst times in American history. We are going through some tough times now but not nearly as bad. Our economy is gradually getting better and hopefully will get back to where it should and could be. Finally, this video really showed the differences between now and the 1930’s and how much we have changed as a country.

    • I agree that this economy has given us a perspective of the times of the 1930’s, to modern day. I also agree that our economy is not nearly as bad as the great depression.

  16. I agree with what Professor Kurnow said 100%. The times we are going through now with the economy are similar to the times he went through as a child during the Great Depression. In the video he mentioned the plethora of items he could get for a nickel or less. Obviously now there is nothing we can get for that! I think a lot of children cannot fathom a lot of the economical issues, because we don’t have to worry about too much. This generation will have a rude awakening as we search for jobs after college, and have few if any options as the economy worsens.

  17. I agree with what this video is saying. I like how they portray the hard times of the great depression to the hard times of today. Stats have shown that in the year 2009 it was one of the hardest times to find a job, if you are recently graduating college. So times are tough right now, they were tough then, but we go through it, and we will do it again

  18. I agree with this article and how they portray the hard times of the great depression to now. I believe it will be very hard to find a job if you are recently graduated. Stats have shown that in the year 2009 it was the toughest time to find a job.

    • I agree with you that it can be very hard to find a job if people are just graduating. My cousin just graduated and was worried that he might not find a job. Fortunately he did, but he still has to work hard to keep his job.

  19. I think that Professor Kurnow is a really good person for the students to talk to. He was graduating from college in an economy that is very similar to the one students graduating from college now are facing. I think that it is really nice of Professor Kurnow to give advice and talk to the students because they know how to get a step ahead of other graduates to get a job. I thought it was really funny how Professor Kurnow said that he could go for two weeks with 50 cents because now, 50 cents can’t buy a pack of gum.

    • i agree with you how the professor is a good personality and human to open up with.

    • You state a great point on how 50 cents could last Kurnow a week, and now 50 cents will barely buy you something useful at all. Also, you stated a good point about how Kurnow is giving the students advice so they can be a step ahead of other graduates looking for a job. Finally, you sumed up the video well and did a great job.

  20. I think that the economical times that we are currently going through are very much like the times that Professor Kurnow went through as a young adult. I do however, think that it is unessasary for children of our age to worry about the financial problems in our country. I do think that if we were in our later years of hihg school and college that those thoughts should begin popping into our heads. But for now it is better that we don’t stress over it because we are still kids. I also think that it was cool that we had to watch a vidoe this week rather that have to read an article.

    • I agree with most of what you’re saying but what he was saying was directed towards college students. I think that you could have kept you’re reasons to the level at which it was directed. We as 14 year olds don’t have to think about graduating college, but the article was about just that so you could have included more in you’re blog about it

    • I do agree with you when you say that us kids should not have to worry about this now, but I don’t think our economic problems right now are any where near as bad as the depression. However it is good for us to learn from their mistakes so we don’t have to go through what they had to.

  21. I cant believe how much the price of some things changed since the time of the Great Depression. Ernest Kurnow said that he could buy a ham sandwich or a cup of coffee for only a nickel when he was young. Now there is almost nothing you can get for a nickel. This video was very interesting because we are going through hard times, but not quite as bad as the Great Depression. In the video it said that during the time of the Great Depression it was very hard to find a job and many people lost their job. Right now many people are having trouble finding jobs and many people are loosing their jobs too. I think it is important for people to know about the Great Depression to know how to cope with times like now.

    • i agree with you completely. Many people are having a hard time dealing with the economy drop now, but people should look back to the times of the Great Depression and use some of the methods that they used back than to deal with the depression now.

    • I agree with both you and Sam. Like you said, we are not in such a bad economic time as the Great Depression. Also you said that many people are having a difficult time with the “different” economy. Lastly I agree with you when you said that it is good to know about the Great Depression to learn how to work with the current economic times.

  22. What a rude awakening, I now only realize all the economic problems I will face when I am an adult in the working world. Our generation will have to clean up all the mess of every generation before us. I can only imagine how hard it will be to get a job and I will probably get paid very very little. I think that 2011-2050 will be some of the worst economic times ever, far worse then the great depression. I am lucky that I found this video because now I have a better understanding of what I can do when I get out of collage into the working world.

  23. Being 96 and still teaching is something to be proud of in itself. Living through the Great Depression is a great thing for the young people of today looking for jobs on this tough economy. It is a great thing because he has knowledge and experience for today’s work force. To know what it’s like and being able to relate to it is also a great thing because students can always ask questions. when people ask questions they are sure to get answers.

    • I agree that having lived through the Great Depression is good for people today who are having difficulties looking for jobs. He really was able to inspire those who were worried about finding jobs because of his knowledge and experiance. He was very inspiring to the students!

  24. I think it is very good thing to have a business teacher that has lived through the Great Depression. He has first hand experience for finding a job in tough times, times considerably tougher than ours right now. His students are lucky to have a professor that went through getting a job in a very difficult time economically.

  25. I think that this was a video that I can definetly relate to. With my dad not having a job I can kind of see what he is saying. Some kids can’t relate because their family always has enough to go out to eat or even buy groceries every day for dinner that night. Most of those kids don’t really get it. Their parents haven’t really said to them we don’t have enough to buy you new shoes or that new phone. This video also shows the way that our economy grew since then. Then it was a half a dollar to live for two weeks and now tto live for a month you have to pay MUCH more then 50 cents. This is America one of the biggest economies if not the biggest economy and you used to pay 50 cents to live for a half a month, that is crazy.

    • I totally agree with your ideas. I like how you mentioned how not every one can relate to the great depression or the bad economy now and that it can affect any body. Great Writing!

    • I completely agree with what you said about some kids not being able to relate to economic crisis because everything is put infront of them, without them having to work for much. The American economy is in a lot of trouble, and the next Great Depression could be approaching with the direction we are heading in now.

  26. I think that its crazy to see how much the value of money has dropped since 96 year old Professor Kurnow was a young adult. In the video he referred to being able to live on half a dollar in two weeks and all the kids just laughed because when you think about it a half a dollar can barely buy you a bag of chips or a cookie! Today’s recession is almost as worse as the depression, prices of food, clothes, and houses are rising while the value of money is dropping. By the time we get to college the price of tuition will probably go up dramatically as well. I agree with Professor Kurnow because he’s right, when kids are in college they’re not thinking about getting a job and raising a family and all the expenses they’ll face, they’re only focused on finishing college. I think it’s sad to see how people pay so much for an education and then when they get out of college, no matter what their degrees are there will still be so many unemployed and so much competition for a job. We are lucky we’re still young and have time before college because right now is a really bad time to try to get a job. But right now we can’t worry about getting a job and competition we just have to focus on getting good grades in school and we can only hope the economy picks up again

    • I totally agree. Now, nobody could really survive on half a dollar in one day so forget about a week and half! Also your right about how people spend so much money on their education. Plus once you get out of college you might even have to continue to pay for school because it was so expensive and you didn’t have enough money. I think for now it’s a smart idea to focus on getting good grades and hoping the economy can pick up.

  27. I think the economy was a bit worse then it is today. Even though the economy was worse then, the video did bring up some good points and similarities. The video said people didn’t think too much about getting future jobs. They didn’t think it would be so bad, but it was. Now, people are doing the same things. They’re not thinking too much about the future. People aren’t really wondering about jobs when they get out of college. My brother is graduating college this year and my mom keeps saying he needs advantage over everyone else because a lot of people are going to be applying for the same position . This video was very interesting because we are going through similar situations as the people back then.

    • I agree that the economy was worse then, than it is today. I also agree that it was hard and is now hard to get a job right out of college because there are many people looking for jobs at this kind of time. Great thinking!

  28. I think that Professor Kurnow’s young adult years are very much alike to what we are going through right now. When my friends and I sit down at lunch, we don’t talk about the economy or politics, we talk about stuff that interests us. Even though this is normal, one could argue that we should be worried about what kind of job we are going to apply for in this bad economy. Personally, I think that worrying about a job right now is unnecessary. It just adds stress to your life. If you are a kid who wants to make some money because your parents can’t afford to get you the clothes that you want, great for them and good luck. I think that it is pretty easy to find a job as a kid anyway. Kids work hard and for very little. I liked this video and thought that it did a good job of showing viewers the way that college kids that are about to graduate think about their careers.

    • I agree that we shouldn’t really be worried about jobs yet. I also think that if more adults were willing to work hard rather than sit at a desk, just like how kids work hard, it would be easier for them to find a job.

  29. I think that if we had a depression as worst as the 1930’s the entire world would fall as hard as we did. You can see why that would happen just with our recession. So many countries rely on each other for trade and products that if one goes down every one else is pulled. I think that we need to become more self-dependent as a nation and not rely so heavily on China and other countries for products. Not only would it provide jobs for our citizens and possibly raise the economy but it could act as a failsafe for the rest of the world. If we collapsed it would not close a big part of markets for countries that we rely upon for products. But the same goes for us, if we become more self dependent we should not rely too much on one other country for income because if they go down then we would not be dragged with them.

    • I agree with you. If China got into a nuclear war and was turned into a huge desert, the whole world would turn upside-down. If you look closely at things in stores, almost everything is made in china. The world relies on them to make just about everything. I mean, what would we do without all of those bouncy balls and plush toys that are made there? I would totally go insane. The United States relies on other countries too much, if we become more independent, things will be cheaper and have better quality.

  30. This video brought out plenty of significant points of our economy today and how it differs with the economy years ago, around the Great Depression. The 96-year-old business school professor, Ernest Kurnow, was reflecting back on the value of a nickel. He states that he could get a cup of coffee, or a ham sandwich, or a ride on the subway, each for only 5 cents. Today, you can’t get anything with a nickel. Kurnow also said he could live 2 weeks on half a dollar, but truthfully, we couldn’t live on half a dollar for one meal a day, or anything! Ernest Kurnow also talks about college and degrees. Nowadays, it’s much harder to find a job right out of college because most people want to hire older men and women who are more experienced and have a higher degree. If the economy from the Great Depression went back up, I hope our current economy will ascend as well.

    • I completely agree with you. It’s very strange how he could buy many things for just 5 cents. Today that can’t even pay for 1 tiny piece of bubblegum. Many things have changed since then but the economy is similar because it was down and hard to find jobs. Good job!

    • I completely agree with you. It’s very strange how he could buy many things for just 5 cents. Today that can’t even pay for 1 tiny piece of bubblegum. Many things have changed since then but the economy is similar because it was down and hard to find jobs. Good job!

    • I believe that we will look back on the value of the 20$ bill when we are older, the economy is only getting worse, I hate to discourage you but the economy will probably not ascend, it will probably get worse.

  31. I think this video had a lot of strong points and I agreed with what it was saying. In our economy it’s really difficult to get a job for students fresh out of college and people who are laid off. Sometimes the person laid off gets the job because of their experience working, but sometimes the college graduate gets the job because of their knowledge and degrees in college. Also these days a cup of coffee is way more than a nickel unlike how it was for Ernest Kurnow, a college professor. When he was younger years ago he said that he could live on half a dollar for 2 weeks. That is way more than we spend now. My family spends close to $300 per week just on groceries. Although it wasn’t mentioned in the video, I know that gas prices have gone up tremendously! It seems that as time goes on, prices go up. But that may not be true. Years and years ago cell phones had ridiculously high prices. Now a lot of phones are close to little or nothing in price. As time goes on things seem to get more difficult…finding a job, making a living, paying for necessities to live. But I think that things can get better. The Great Depression got better so why can’t our economy get better too?

    • I like how you related the short clip to your personal life. I think my family spends around $300 a week on groceries alone also. I like how you made great connections with the gas prices going up and cell phone prices descending.

    • I agree with you 100%! Gas prices have gone up tremendously, they rise as much as once a week. I agree with you cell phone prices have dropped because I think the more the supply, the less the demand. I like how compared finding a job if you just came out of college compared to someone with more experience.

  32. I think that it was much harder to find a job back then compared to now. There is a lot more options for people now unlike then. People who lived in that time who needed a job most likely would have had more trouble then rather than now because now you can just find an easy part time job some where. But that might not be enough to support a family. I also think that no matter what job you have, you shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed of it.

    • I aagree with you but I also think is that to get a good job and keep the job you NEED to have some sort of degree in this economy. But earlier when we were okay in money you could find a good job anywhere and keep it.

  33. I think that the economy in the 1930s was a lot worse and more extreme than it is today. Even though people have more trouble getting a steady and sustainable job doesn’t mean that we should be embarrassed about having one that isn’t. We should realize that not many people these days can get a job and that they must be patient for the economy to improve and open up more jobs to graduating students and others that are unemployed.

    • I agree with your idea that the economy was a lot worse and more extreme back then. You have good well thought out ideas.

      • Same. the Job market has been tougher and tougher but i don’t think nearly has tough as it was in the 30s. People were living in subways and although some people still do it alot of people rent places

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