When Economy Sours, Tootsie Rolls Soothe Souls

March, 2009


Raymond Schneider politely elbowed his way through crowds of customers as he made for the bulk candy bins at Dylan’s Candy Bar across from Bloomingdale’s in Manhattan. Since he was laid off in December, Mr. Schneider, a 33-year-old interior designer, says he has become a “gummy junkie,” stocking up on sweets every time he shops for groceries.

“Sugar is comforting,” he said as he scooped Red Licorice Scottie Dogs into a plastic bag. “There’s nothing more stressful than growing financial insecurity everywhere.”

The recession seems to have a sweet tooth. As unemployment has risen and 401(k)’s have shrunk, Americans, particularly adults, have been consuming growing volumes of candy, from Mary Janes and Tootsie Rolls to Gummy Bears and cheap chocolates, say candy makers, store owners and industry experts.

Theories vary on exactly why. For many, sugar lifts spirits dragged low by the languishing economy. For others, candy also provides a nostalgic reminder of better times. And not insignificantly, it is relatively cheap.

“People may indulge themselves a little bit more when times are tough,” said Jack P. Russo, an analyst with the Edward Jones retail brokerage in St. Louis. “These are low-cost items that people can afford pretty easily.”

At Candyality, a store in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, business has jumped by nearly 80 percent compared with this time last year, and the owner, Terese McDonald, said she was struggling to keep up with the demand for Bit-O-Honeys, Swedish Fish and Sour Balls.

At the Candy Store in San Francisco, the owner, Diane Campbell, has tripled her orders for nostalgic candies like Necco Wafers and Mallo Cups in recent months. Many of her customers tell her that even though they are living on less, they’re setting aside cash for candy.

“They put candy in their actual budget,” she said.

Many big candy makers are reporting rising sales and surprising profits even as manufacturers of other products are struggling to stay afloat. Cadbury reported a 30 percent rise in profits for 2008 while Nestle’s profits grew by 10.9 percent, according to public filings. Hershey, which struggled for much of 2008, saw profits jump by 8.5 percent in the fourth quarter.

Lindt & Sprüngli, which specializes in more expensive products like Lindt and Ghirardelli chocolate, announced that even though it expects to close some of its luxury retail stores this year, it also expects chocolate sales to remain strong through mainstream retailers like Wal-Mart and Target.

“All is well in candy land,” said Jamie Hallman, owner of the Sweetdish candy store in the Marina district of San Francisco.

In Manhattan, at the sweet-smelling confines of Economy Candy on the Lower East Side, the owner, Jerry Cohen, said he increased his orders by 10 percent in January and February to keep up with demand for candies like Sugar Daddies and Sour Razzles. On a recent Sunday, Mr. Cohen had about a dozen workers in the narrow store trying to keep the candy tables and penny candy bins restocked as shoppers — the vast majority of them adults — grabbed candy bars and dug their hands into bins of Tootsie Rolls and Bit-O-Honeys.

“We have been wiping out of inventory,” he said.

Mr. Cohen’s son, Mitchell, 23, who works long hours as a Wall Street investment banker, helps out at the store on some Sundays because, he said, he finds the mood uplifting. He noted that his Wall Street co-workers have also been eating more candy: The 10-pound candy bags he puts on his desk are being devoured in one week instead of the usual two.

“That’s why I like going to the store on Sundays,” Mitchell Cohen said. “Everyone is happy.”

There may be historic precedent to the recessionary strength of the candy business. During the 1930s, candy companies thrived, introducing an array of confections that remain popular today. Snickers started in 1930. Tootsie Pops appeared in 1931. Mars bars with almonds and Three Musketeers bars followed in 1932.

Hershey, the dominant candy brand during the Depression, remained profitable enough through the 1930s for the company to finance its own work program for the unemployed, said Pamela Whitenack, Hershey’s community archives director.

“Candy companies are relatively recession-proof,” said Peter Liebhold, chairman of the Smithsonian Institution’s work and industry division. “During the Great Depression, candy companies stayed in business.”

Candy seems to conjure memories of times before bank collapses and government bailouts. Jackie Hague, vice president of marketing for the New England Confectionery Company in Revere, Mass., which makes Necco wafers and other candies, said the company has received an unusual number of letters, e-mail messages and telephone calls from customers saying their candies had helped them “flash back to childhood.”

Indeed, store owners and manufacturers find that the hottest-selling candies these days are cheaper, old-fashioned ones. In addition to strong sales of Necco Wafers and Mary Janes, the New England Confectionery Company said sales of Sweetheart candies jumped 20 percent at Valentine’s Day. Eastern Sales and Marketing, a major candy representative for manufacturers, has noticed “double digit growth” for Gummy Bears, Violet Gum and Jelly Bellies, according to John Anastasi, the company’s senior vice president of the confectionery business unit.

Not everyone in the industry is benefiting from tighter wallets. Edgar Roesch, a food analyst with Soleil Securities, an investment research firm in New York, predicts that the recession may present more opportunities for more economical, mass-market brands like Hershey than for, say, gourmet truffles.

Until the fourth quarter of last year, he said, “Things like Hershey Kisses were losing out to higher-end brands.” But this year, that trend has reversed.

Increased candy consumption may have already taken a toll on the waistlines of many New Yorkers.

Liz Josefsberg, who runs four Weight Watchers meetings a week in Manhattan, said talk of stress eating involving candy was taking up an increasing percentage of her meetings. “I’m hearing a lot about Skittles and Mary Janes,” she said.

Since Piper Gray, 23, arrived in Manhattan from Memphis in September, she has lived on a tiny salary from a journalism internship and tries to remain optimistic about eventually landing permanent work, even though prospects look discouraging.

Beside two friends at Economy Candy on a recent Sunday afternoon, she sounded cheerful as she munched on mini Smooth ’N Melty nonpareils, joked about her addiction to Creme Eggs and scoffed at the merits of Swedish Fish. Candy has become her affordable escape.

“Apples and oatmeal only go so far,” she wrote later in an e-mail message. “It’s so tempting to pick up an 88-cent pack of Skittles as a little pick-me-up. So I won’t feel so deprived.”


78 responses to “When Economy Sours, Tootsie Rolls Soothe Souls

  1. I agree with this article completely. As the article states candy makes people happy, and reminds people of the days when they had money in their pocket to spend. Candy is a comfort food that comes very cheap. Candy costs very little money. Since it costs so little and people don’t have a lot of money to spend all they need is a couple dollars and they are in a safe and happy place. Candy helps people get through their day and onto the next one when the economy is in a tough situation. When the economy is bad people don’t like to spend money they don’t have to. But when the economy is bad it helps when people buy things such as candy to help the economy. Since candy is very cheap and really easy to get to it makes it the best comfort food in tough economic times.

  2. “Increased candy consumption may have already taken a toll on the waistlines of many New Yorkers” as the article “When Economy Sours, Tootsie Rolls Soothe Souls” states, written by Christine Haughney. Unlike most articles on financial problems this article goes deep into the lives of most people facing tough times. It goes into great detail about how “The recession seems to have a sweet tooth”. Which means when people are stressed they run for unhealthy comfort foods like candy. They run for these foods because they are inexpensive and lift spirits up. I can’t agree anymore with the writer’s point in this article. It makes a lot of sense that people are buying lots of candy, that’s what most people do when they are in trouble.

  3. I do think that this article is very accurate in describing how simple, sugary foods like candy can act as a sort of “Stress ball.” When a lot of people do get stressed, depressed, or frustrated they can turn to a number of things to take the edge off of their unpleasant mood. Since candy is very available, relatively cheap, and not too harmful (if you be very careful to eat it in moderation), it seems very obvious that it would be a popular choice for people to turn to while they are in a bad situation or a bad mood. I think most candy is very cheap and can take the edge off of your bad mood. It can also help you forget about your situation by bringing back childhood memories or covering up your emotions with its good, sugary taste. Because of this, it is safe to say that it would be a very profitable item during a difficult time such as the current economic problem that we face. Since so many people are getting laid off or being forced to live on a tight budget, they might suffer from unwelcomed emotions or moods because of their bad circumstance. Candy is probably a popular choice for them to turn too, which would probably make the candy sales go through the roof.

  4. I feel the Article is beliveable and relatable. When i’m feeling down i just walk into the kitchen and grab some chocolate. It’s not a comfort food just something that makes me feel better whenever i’m down. Also i understand the people’s reasoning. When the economy goes dow more people are sad and they want to feel momentarily better so they suck on a lollipop. when The economy goes down the candy goes up.

  5. I can see why candy sales have gone up during tough times like this. For many people, including me, candy acts as a comfort food. As Jack P. Russo explained, “People may indulge themselves a little bit more when times are tough.” In a bad economy like this, who doesn’t like cheap things? Candy is inexpensive and the sugar can easily lift anyone’s spirits, even in the bad times people are enduring today. For most people, like the article states, candy brings back nostalgic moments from the past. When you’re down like the economy, you can almost always rely on candy and other sweets to turn around your mood.

    • I really like how you used quotes from the article to explain your thinking on the subject. I also liked how you stated that to you candy acts as a comfort food.

    • I definitely agree with candy being a comfort food, candy just brings back good memories. I also agree as I stated in my response that people aren’t buying Lindor Truffles for $74.99; they are picking up a $.89 bag of M&M’s at the grocery store. Lastly I agree with you when you stated that you can almost always rely on the candy industry during times of a bad economy.

  6. I agree with this article 100 percent. When ever you are feeling bad about yourself you probably go straight to the candy drawer rather then the salad. Candy is also very inexpensive, on the other hand, heathly food or organic food is very pricey. So, if you are low on money your going to pick something that tastes good and inexpensive, rather then the expensive not so tasty food. Candy is also a comfort food, something that makes you feel good. Like many others have said it reminds them of their childhood, and looking back on childhood it was very easy and carefree.

  7. I agree with this article. People find that when things are going bad, candy always tastes good. Also, I believe that candy is also at a cheap, ready supply almost anywhere you go. If you walk into almost any store, they usually have some sort of candy or chocolate thing for sale. Even at bookstores they sell Lindt truffles. I believe that when people are feeling bad about something, they see the candy and just say “I could use a treat right now.”

    • I agree with you Mark. I think that candy’s availability definitely contributes a lot to its booming sales through this time. Plus, I also liked that you said that candy “always tastes good”. I think that you are right by saying that since candy probably won’t let you down or betray you, like a boss that lays you off, it would be more popular among customers during a time when many people are being laid off as a result of this bad economy.

  8. I think that this is very good. To some people, like old people candy can remind them of their younger days when candy was amazingly cheap and taxes were really low. Then, for some people, candy is a very good depressor and is expanensully yummy and can soothe the soul. Candy is a type of comfort food. For most people candy is able to put a smile on their face when they are down in the dumps, but by eating this comfort food that is enjoyed, they are able to cover up how upset they are on the inside. That is how i feel about this article and my thoughts of it.

  9. I agree with this article 100% and agree that candy is a comfort food. It is inexpensive and delicious to eat. When times are hard you need something to cheer you up and others believe candy is the missing piece to the puzzle. It is very cheap which also helps becuase you dont have to have a lot of money to buy a dollar candy bar. Finally, I believe this is what happens when the economy is down, something has to change to turn things around and in this case candy is the way to go.

  10. This article is about how in hard times people turn to candy for comfort. I agree with Raymond Schneider about how candy is a comfort food. In this economic crisis it has been proven that people turn to confections for comfort. This has helped businesses like Mars and Hershey. I feel that this could still help the economy even if it is slightly because with higher demand for candy and other confections jobs will be needed in the candy business.

    • i like your point about the candy market helping the economy and i agree. But if you think about it from a rival candy company or other food company it could be terrible. if the candy sales go up other food sales may go down. Even other comforting things will be bought less. Think about That ! >-<

  11. I agree with this article completely. Candy is a comfort food and is something you want when your depressed or in a bad mood because it makes you happy and puts you in a good mood. And of course if you own a candy store or any sugar type/ junk food store, your sales will go up. Why wouldn’t you buy a food that you love when your not feeling on top and its cheep like a bag of skittles for 88 cents, even if the candy is expensive its always worth it.

  12. This article talks about how when the economy drops the higher candy sales go up. I agree with this statement. This also talks about when you are upset candy comforts you. Candy is a non expensive option to make people feel happy, and forget about the problems they have. Since candy is not expensive people can buy lots of it. This is why the candy store prices are rising by so much. Since a lot of people are not employed or have finical problems they buy candy to make them feel better. This article did not surprise me that much. I say that because I know when I get sad and I eat candy. This makes me feel like my stress is gone. Since its cheap people don’t mind buying it. These are my thoughts about this article.

    • I think that this is a very good blog about this article J-hoops. I agree with you that candy is a very good depressor when things get bad. This is very good blogging.

  13. I completely agree with this article. It doesn’t surprise me that candy is at a high demand, now that the economy is bad. A lot of people consider candy a treat. When times are bad, and people are depressed, a cheap treat is perfect to make you feel better. That is exactly what candy is…a cheap treat! The only thing not so good about all this candy eating is what if the economy doesn’t get better for a while? Will people continue eating candy for a while? If so, people could start to get obese. This could lead to some new problems. Eating candy during tough times could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it.

  14. This article is about how people get over their troubles by using things that make them smile and feel good about themselves. Candy is king in this category. Candy always makes people happy and it lifts spirits. For people who are struggling they look to get their mind off their troubles, so they lean on candy. Candy is a cheap attractive food that joyfully plays with people’s taste buds. So it is no surprise to me that candy sales rise during this tough economic times. People like feeling good and jubilant so in order to do that they lean on a food that can provide those attributes, candy. I agree with this article that at candy stores everyone is happy. It is true because there is nowhere else I would rather be than at a candy store.

  15. I believe that this article is correct and I strongly agree with it. Candy can make someone happy very easily. For example, chocolate is a stimulant and is known to make people happy. People tend to eat or drink certain things to relax and candy can most certainly comfort you. Candy is also highly inexpensive in many peoples’ opinions, including mine. The article is basically saying that when the economy is failing, candy sales are not. The one problem is that candy is also bad for you because of the sugar amount and non-benefiting ingredients. In my opinion, when people go out to buy candy, they usually do not think about this but, some people really should. I also think Hershey is doing a good job because they keep their chocolate simple and cheap. For people who don’t have too much money or don’t want to waste a lot of money on chocolate that only tastes slightly better and has a nicer brand name, Hershey’s chocolate can be useful. Most candy tastes good, whether it’s cheap or expensive. Some may argue with this but, when you want to get bad things out of your head like falling economy, then you’re going to want something sweet and tasteful without spending a lot of money and candy is perfect for that job.

    • David
      I agree with your point on how people should think about what they are buying and consuming in large quantities. I also agree that a cheap one dollar candy bar like a Hershey chocolate bar or a Mars bar can do the same as a Ghirardelli chocolate squares for five dollars.

  16. To many people, candy sooths them and gets their mind off their troubles. When I am having a bad day and feel down I don’t crave vegetables, but I crave chocolate. This is because it is tastes great and is sugary. After I eat chocolate it changes my attitude instantly, brings back good memories and clears many troubles from my mind. Many people feel the same way but to their own comfort foods. For example, candy is a common comfort food. This is because it is cheap, brings back memories for some people and changes their thoughts to something more positive. Currently many people don’t have jobs or are struggling with them and eating candy is one thing that makes them feel better.

    • Sophie, I agree with you. Candy makes me and probably many others feel better. It tastes good and makes you forget about your worries. I also agree with what you said about bringing back memories. Eating a candy from years ago could spark someones memory and make them feel happier!

  17. I do agree that candy is a comfort food, but I think that people may not be treating themselves more during times when the economy is bad. I think that they are just treating themselves to cheaper things. I think that a person that usually buys themselves expensive foods, may decide that instead of spending $20 or $30 dollars on chocolate and other sweets, to buy the cheaper brands of candy or chocolate for $5 or $10. I also think that doing this makes people happy because they are saving about $20 that they can spend on something more important than just chocolate or candy.

    • I completely agree when you said people are treating themselves to cheaper things, which include candy. You are right. If people don’t have a job they’re not going to want to pay $20 or $30 on expensive food so they will by the candy for $5. Good thinking!

    • I really like what you thought about this article because it is different to what most people said. When I read the article I didn’t think that way, but now that I think about it that is very true! When I save $20 I feel better about my purchase and am in a better attitude.

    • I completely agree with everything you said. I like how you compared the prices of candies and your reasoning behind it. I didn’t think of it like that until now.

  18. I think this article is completely true. Many people are loosing their jobs and getting frustrated on having to find new ones. Candy is something easy to get and very enjoyable. It is also considered a comfort food to most people. I know when I’m sad I’m not going to reach for a carrot, I’ll look for something sweet and sugary. It makes perfect sense that candy sales are up, when the economy is down.

    • I agree with you completely when you said that you like sugary foods if you are upset. I also “am not going to reach for a carrot” when I am sad, I reach “for something sweet and sugary”! I especially like your thought that comfort foods help people if they are getting laid off from a job and are frustrated.

  19. I agree with this article. Candy puts you in a happy place. It reminds you of childhood and happier times. When you are out of a job, and need something to pick you up, candy is cheap, so you don’t have to worry about it depleting your money that you have to use to keep food on the table and roofs over your head. When you’re down, candy is a great way to cheer up.

    • I agree that candy is a good thing to get to up your spirits when you’re down because it is cheap. The may be other cheap foods to get, but candy tastes the best.

  20. I believe candy is comfort food. I agree with this article all the way, cause when I’m depressed I eat pie, cake, or something comforting. Is this good? No eating bad foods when you are depressed can turn into a habit like addiction to sugar, or extreme desire for candy. Ultimately contributing to obesity if America. Yes, one piece of candy won’t do anything, but bags upon bags of chocolaty goodness can turn ‘sour’ on you in time. Any soul food; fried chicken and grits, or mac and cheese makes everyone feel great inside. Candy is great to take things off your mind. Some people do horrible thing such as drug abuse, drinking excessively, and many other ways to take the pain away. This is only TEMPORARY which causes addiction. Addiction to drugs may kill you. Addiction to candy and fatty foods makes you obese, raising your health risks. I realize candy isn’t a big deal, but obesity is a factor in over indulging your body with comfort foods. This is dangerous, so find something more constructive to do than “chew your pain away.”

  21. This article explained how candy sales go up when the rest of the world is down. I agree. Sometimes when people get depressed or are upset, candy and other comfort foods tend to help ease the pain. Sometimes they help think of better or happier times. Maybe they help soothe the soul and help people just melt away for a while. I can kind of relate to this myself. When I feel lonely or sad, I have the impulse to reach for the Hershey Bar. It helps me to just go away, and I can just come back if I need to. It might be the same for other people. However, others may have other reasons, of which I am not aware. Candy can make people feel good on the inside and maybe give hope to a brighter tomorrow. A brighter future.

  22. I think that this article is completely right. When people aren’t feeling great, they tend to stress eat. With the economy that we are in right now, stress is easy to come by. Also, adults might not want to think about the times we are in now and look back on fun times when they were a kid. For example, someone who wasn’t happy might want to think back to the time when they had a snickers bar with their friends at the end of summer, suddenly, they get hungry and what are they craving? A snickers. Immediately, that person leaves work or their home and buys a king size snickers bar. Some people are reminded of their childhood from food that they eat.

  23. I agree with the fact that more candy is bought when the economy is low. Also, I think it is reasonable that candy stores have trouble keeping up with inventory, and they sell more during the times when many people are losing there jobs. In my opinion, this is because when times are tough, or when people lose their jobs, they are most likely to be unhappy. For most people candy is able to put a smile on their face. By eating food that is enjoyed, they are able to cover up how upset they really feel with a sugary, delicious treat. Then, they are able to forget their problems for moment, which is something everyone likes to do. When people have a bad day, normally they look for something to cheer them up, and candy is something most people can count on to do the job. Personally, I enjoy eating sugary food after a bad day because I know no matter what it will always taste good. It’s the same for people who lose their jobs. They want something that will cheer them up.

    • I also agree with your point that no matter how bad the day is you can always count on something that is always going to be good… candy! I can also relate that sometimes I go the store with my mom and she sometimes tells me the candy she got as a kid. Good thinking!

  24. I agree 100% with this article. I also wasn’t surprised to learn that during recession candy sales shoot up because it’s affordable, sweet, and irresistable. Most people have a sweet tooth so candy is the perfect solution since it’s loaded with sugar. It’s even better that it’s really cheap since so many people are tight on money. Candy always wants you leaving more and people keep buying and buying it no matter what. For adults candy brings back childhood memories and makes them feel like a kid again. They forget about all their worries so they keep buying more. So it made sense to see that candy sales were really high and it’s a comfort food. I know I love candy whenever I’m stressed

    • I like your thought of how it can bring back childhood memories. I didn’t think about that, but now that I am, I completly agree. Sometimes in my family we may see a candy and my dad will tell us about how he used to go to candy stores to get that one candy.

  25. I really do agree with this article. Candy is a very American thing and it makes people feel good. I do agree that for some older people it may remind them of their childhood which were much simpler times for them. And honestly, when eating candy, who has nothing else on their mind other than “Oh crap, I just got laid off.” or “I’m in such bad debt.” Not many! Most people are thinking about the candy. All the better is that candy is cheap. A Hershey’s bar is cheap just like most other non-fancy candies so it isn’t really going to hurt a person’s financial situation.

    • I totally agree with the point you made about how many people aren’t thinking about being laid off when eating candy. Also that candy is cheap. It makes it more accessible to every person, everywhere. And most people want the cheap non-fancy candies, so that’s a plus there.

  26. I can easily see why candy prices rise during times of depression, because when your out of a job you get stressed and feel uncomfortable consequently candy can be referred to as comfort food. Comfort food are foods usually with a lot of sugar and are associated with childhood memories like your mothers cooking (if it was good) and opening your first Hershey’s chocolate bar, etc. I my self am a big Hershey’s milk chocolate (only Hershey’s) fan; although, my “chocolate intake” has not increased at all. I can see why it could happen to other people in particular adults because they’re the ones without jobs, trying to support a family in many cases. Also with candy prices being some of the lowest numbers found at a local grocery store people find them selves buying the stuff every time they are there. People aren’t picking up Lindor Truffles for $74.99; they are picking up a $.89 bag of M&M’s, and with prices like that who could resist. That is another why I can see candy companies thriving in this period of economical depression in the United States of America.

    • You said it exactly, people aren’t going out and spending >$50 on the candy, they are buying the chocolate and other candies that are cheap, and still put in a good mood.

    • That is exactly what I was thinking. I think the term “comfort food” comes from the fact that when there is bad change people stick with something they know is good

  27. I would love to say this article is untrue, but that would be a false statement. I do believe that every word in this article is true, and I can see why. In an unstable economy, people turn towards something that has always been stable in there life, in this case it is candy. Candy is sweet, satisfying, and most importantly cheap, making it easy way to make Americans feel stable, like stated in the article. It is not uncommon for someone to turn to food for comfort. Food provides a feeling of happiness, but only momentarily, which leaves people coming back for more time after time.

    • Momentarily– a key point!

    • I agree. When things get fixed, this candy craze may go away. Candy is cheap. This makes it easy for Americans who are unemployed to buy candy. As stated in the article candy always has had a stable market, because candy is something that is loved by everyone.

  28. I completely agree with this article. I think that all comfort foods, especially sugars and sweets aid people in a time filled with large financial burdens. During the recession especially, people desire comfort, and when foods are inexpensive (like candy) people tend to over-indulge. Candy is simply a low cost option, to fill adults’ stomachs, and remind them of the “good old days” by eating nostalgic sweets. I think there is nothing wrong devouring a few morsels of candy, but this can lead to further unhealthy eating habbits. These habits could impact the economy astronomically, as the fast-food and candy market rises and fresh produce decreases. It is good for adults to eat some candy, to comfort them in depressing times, but with everything it mush be in moderation, before anything spirals out of control.

    • I agree with your point of view, I do think (like stated in the article) that candy does remind people of the good old days, when the economy was stable and people had plenty of money to spend.

  29. I think that this article is very accurate when it says that people use candy as a comfort food. I too would consider candy a comfort food because when I eat candy I feel so relieved after it and feel like any stress I have is taken away. So people would eat candy during a recession to take away the stress of the recession making them feel better and more relieved and could help them forget about the recession. I know that candy is usually very inexpensive so it would be a good choice for people if they can’t be spending a lot of money on other snacks like chips and dip, this way they can save the money for more important things like education.

    • I agree with your statement Kevin. I like when you said they can save money for an education. I also agree when you sat people get relived when they eat candy. In conclusion you had one fine blog.

  30. Although I would prefer to not sound like the ten people who have posted before me, I have to say, I 100% agree with this article. The number one Hollywood cliche is when a girl is broken up with and she sits on her couch, crying and eating ice cream. I feel it is the same with the people in the article, people who face sadness turn to something else. They turn to something that can’t take their money, such as the recession did, or break their heart, such as the girls hearts are sometimes in movies.
    Ice cream, or candy, are things that relax people because they know that the ice cream or candy won’t make them sad. As alexs14 said, “It is better that we face our problems instead of stuffing them down our throats.” Unfortunately, this isn’t what happens. What happens is, as I said before, people look to something like candy or ice cream, something inexpensive and inanimate, something that can’t hurt them. The unfortunate truth is that people have to turn to the sweets, just to forget about the problems they can’t avoid.

    • “Ginger”-
      Lots of insight in your posted comments. I especially like your reference to Hollywood: girl with broken heart, etc.

  31. I completely agree with the article. Because of so many people losing jobs and getting laid off, the times have been more stressful. Money has been tight, so it’s hard for adults to buy food because a lot of products are expensive or have gone up in price. Many individuals think of candy and junk food as comforting for many reasons such as it can bring back good childhood memories. Also a lot of people eat when they are stressed. That’s why candy companies are making more money. Because candy is sweet, it makes people who eat it feel sweeter. Also with the unbelievably low price of candy, how could you not buy it, especially when your money is tight? I feel that the author wrote the article to inform some people about how lucky they are in a sense. Although many are losing jobs, a lot of people still have a job and they can afford more than candy. I also think the author wrote this to show the outrageous increase in candy profits, and the decreasing amount of employment.

    • I think you interpreted this article very well. What you said about how these times are stressful, and people turn to candy to comfort themselves without spending a lot of money really displayed the current situation with un-employment and candy sales rising.

    • I 100% agree with you. I like how you stated that when people are financially struggling they can only afford cheap and unhealthy food. And that they do not always have a choice. I also agree that sweets can make people less stressed and bring back good memories. Great Writing!

  32. I would most certainly agree with this article. When ever someone is stressed out emotionally, mentally, and physically they feel they have to eat to stuff down these harsh emotions instead of facing them. People do this so they do not have to think of any bad events in their life and just plow through unhealthy, but good-tasting foods, like candy or chocolate. When the economy crashed and the employment level increased to more than 10%, stress levels in the U.S. rose causing even more obesity in the population. It is better that we face our problems instead of stuffing them down our throats.

    • I really like your closing line where you say, “It is better that we face our problems instead of stuffing them down our throats.” I really agree with this statement because I thought of the same thing while reading this article. People really need to just face their problems as opposed to eating them away.

  33. I thoroughly agree with this article. Candy is a type of comfort food. It reminds us of our childhoods. Whether they were good or not, candy brings us back to a happier time. But in my opinion, it is not just candy that would spring up in sales. My thought would be that all foods containing sugar would have a large boost in sales during a recession like the one we are experiencing at the moment.

    • Hmmmm. Interesting thought you have about high sugar foods doing well in recession times. Might you explore your theory?

    • I agree that candy is a type of comfort food. Because candy and sugar can be sweet, it might comfort you or raise your mood and make you feel sweet too. If I become laid off when I’m older I would probably look towards food containing sugar like you mentioned because of the stressful situation.

  34. I really think people get a lot of candy because when their day gets sour they need something sweet. This says that candy makes them feel good and if people are having a bad day they need something to cheer them up and it might be candy. It is not expensive so most people have to fiind a different alternative than things that could be expensive. Candy would be my comforting food in time of hurt.

    • I completely agree with your idea towards this article, especially the first line. It makes total sense and candy would probably be my comforting food if I was in a time of hurt too.

  35. This is what happens in economic ruin. People have to find comfort in their depression, and this is where they turn. It’s not a surprise they would turn to candy, as it tastes good and helps make you a bit happier. Plus, it’s affordable, so people who have little money can still have some enjoyment.

  36. I think that this is an expected response to the downfall of the economy. When the environments and circumstances around people change, especially for the worse, people tend to stick with things that bring them happiness and/or the illusion of being happy. Also, studies have been proven that chocolate, and sweet things like it, usually have a relaxing and uplifting effect on people. This reaction has small but good effect on the economy for the sellers and manufactures of the candy. Overall, this reaction is a good thing, except on peoples’ waistlines.

    • Andy,
      I like your big idea about people sticking to what brings them happiness in times of changes for the worse.

    • I totally agree with you Andy. Candy makes people feel happy and reminiscent, but candy can also have a negative affect on people when they are eating it. If someone was eating a piece of candy to get their mind off work, their mind could go from being focused on their paycheck to the amount of calories that the candy they are eating has. This could put a whole different kind of stress on this person. I think that eating candy has a positive affect, but you are right when you say that candy has a negative affect on peoples’ waistlines.

      • You make a good point Josh. The distracting effect that candy can induce can also come from a number of sources including just being tired. Very interesting point, I hadn’t thought of that.

    • I agree with you and like the way you explained everything. I do think that candy has an effect on you in both a positive and negative way. Also how you said candy has a great effect on the economy and almost about everything to do with it from the manufacturing and the selling.

    • You state a good point, Andy. I really like your description. I also think you are right and I really like your last sentence.

  37. I would definitely agree witht his article. Candy is a comfort food which is inexpensive and is a simple food, if you would consider it one. The article reads that the candy makes them happy. That means that they focus on the sweet simpleness of the candy and do not worry about the recession and thier problems. They are also very cheap, making them a better buy for someone with tight money.

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